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Licensing Solicitors

At Adam Libah Solicitors we have a team of specialist regulatory solicitors and lawyers who provide advice and representations to individuals and businesses in licensing and environmental law experts.

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Licensing Lawyers Offering Unrivalled Legal Advice

After years of working with various regulators and licensing authorities, we can anticipate what they look for in applications and the approaches they take during enforcement proceedings. We’ll help you prepare as thoroughly as possible to ensure the best possible outcome.

Licensing issues can often lead to wider legal problems for businesses due to government agencies sharing information. For example, you may face investigation from the Food Standards Agency or HMRC if your licensing authority informs them of any discrepancies.

How We Can Help

Premises Licence Applications

Applying and running a licenced premises is difficult. Aside from all the obvious commercial pressures, there are regulatory hoops to jump through for almost everything.

Before making an application, you will have to decide whether to make changes to your building’s layout, the hours you’re open or the conditions stated in the licence you’ll need to apply to have it updated.

You’ll also need to make sure all your staff have at least two hours training before they start selling alcohol. You might also need permission to introduce slot machines, open late or put on a one-off event in a place that isn’t usually licensed.

We have the experience to assist with making a successful premises licence application.

Criminal Offences Under The Licencing Act 2003

If you own, operate or work within licenced premises, it’s very important that you understand your rights, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities under the Licensing Act. Failure to comply with the conditions of your licence or a failure to promote the licencing objectives can result in a licence being revoked, but it can also result in a criminal prosecution.

Some of offences, which can be prosecuted by police or local authority are set out below:

  • S.136 – unauthorised licensable activities
  • S.137 – exposing alcohol for unauthorised sales
  • S.138 – keeping alcohol on the premises for unauthorised sales
  • S.140 – allowing disorderly conduct on licenced premises
  • S.141 – sale of alcohol to a person who is drunk
  • S.145 – unaccompanied children prohibited from certain premises
  • S.146 – sale of alcohol to children
  • S.147 – allowing the sale of alcohol to children

These offences are punishable by way of unlimited fines.

Defending Enforcement Actions & Closure Orders

If you are facing a licence review or licensing prosecutions, our highly-experienced lawyers can support you by meticulously analysing your situation.

We review all the possible outcomes and then advise you on how to minimise your risk and expenditure.

Once the most appropriate approach has been established, we will defend your position and mitigate the impact on your business, ensuring that you are able to continue to operate your licensed premises as smoothly as possible.

We Also Help With:

  • Application for variations/amendments to existing licences
  • Dealing with application appeals
  • Objections to licence applications
  • Food Business Premises Licence
  • Street trading and pavement licences
  • Taxis and Private Hire Licences
  • Licence to rent and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licences

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We Also Help With Taxi Licences For:

Taxi drivers

Taxi firms

Private hire companies

And can provide advice on:

  • Applying for new licences
  • Keeping licences up-to-date
  • Complying with relevant regulations
  • Challenging enforcement actions such as penalties and fines

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"Adam successfully advised and represented our large events venue business near Wembley stadium in appealing a closure notice at the Council’s Licence and planning committee and at the Magistrates Court. As a result, we avoided a costly and length litigation process. Our business has since gone from strength to strength thanks to Adam Libah Solicitors"

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