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Adam Libah Solicitor

Meet Our Director

Our Director, Adam Libah, trained as a Barrister and is now also Higher Courts Advocate. Having worked with some of the leading Legal 500 firms, where he advised and represented clients in Commercial Litigation and Mediation, White-collar Crime and Regulatory law, Business & Private Immigration, he is able to bring that wealth of experience to resolve your legal difficulties.

He has successfully appeared as a solicitor and advocate in some of the most high-profile and high-value, and complex fraud and serious criminal cases. Adam is highly regarded by other lawyers, including leading barristers/Queen’s Counsel, and leads them in a team to reach a successful conclusion to the legal difficulties of individuals and businesses.

Our Values

We are a modern law firm with traditional values.


Our primary goal is to exceed client expectations


We are open, honest and act with integrity


Have the energy and enthusiasm to represent our clients and get the best results for them


Clear communication is central to our approach


We pride ourselves in being approachable and client focused.

Track Record

R-v-Z & others (2012)

Described as “the largest commercial fraud prosecuted in the UK” costing Virgin Media an estimated £144 million a year.

Outcome: Client, Company Secretary, was acquitted.

R-v-W (2013)

Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) Murder

Outcome: Client Acquitted

R-v-S & others (2013)

A large conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Outcome: Client received a very lenient sentence.

R-v-F & others (2013)

A customs case concerning the export of Khat (Qat), allegedly amounting to $2.6 million, into America and Canada and involving multi-jurisdictional agencies such as US Homeland Security, the FBI and HMRC.

Outcome: As a result of Adam’s and Counsel’s negotiations with the prosecution team, on the day of trial, of the 8 defendants charged, 4 had all charges dismissed and the remaining only pleaded guilty to one count instead of five which meant that they spent no time in prison and no confiscation orders were sought against them.

R- F & A (2014)

Father and Mother indicated on murder charges for alleged negligent acts towards infants children

Outcome: Clients acquitted

R-v-A (2014)

Adam successfully represented a French national client, who was previously represented by different solicitors at his sentencing and confiscation proceedings.

Outcome: Client was able to keep his overseas assets from being confiscated.

R-v-A (2014)

Trade Mark Offences trial and confiscation proceedings-estimated Value £800,000.00

Outcome: Defendant received a very short sentence and confiscation proceedings settled successfully.

R-v-F (2015)

A complex, multi-national fraud and money laundering case, with an estimated value of £1.6 million.

Outcome: Defendant acquitted on majority of counts and received 6 month suspended sentence on remaining counts

R-v-O and others (2015)

A high value Multi-handed HMRC and Local Authority fraud.

Outcome: Defendant received a suspended sentence

R-v-A (2017)

A complex and multi-handed HMRC Fraud case-ongoing-Estimated Value £872,000.00

Outcome: Defendant received a suspended sentence

R-v-A (2019)

Adam acted as Junior Counsel and Solicitor in the Old Bailey in a in a Multi-National Fraud and Money Laundering Case-Estimated Value over £6 million-brought by the National Crime Agency.

Outcome: Following transfer of case from previous solicitors, the Prosecution dropped Fraud indictment and proceeded with money laundering offences only

“A tip off from Christie’s auction house led to the conviction of a London man who British authorities described as a “go-to money launderer for fraudsters all around the world”

R-v-D (2021)

Adam acted a as Junior Counsel and Solicitor at Teesside Crown Court in a complex and large conspiracy supply drugs case, valued at just under £1million, in which the organised crime groups spanned between Middlesbrough and Manchester.

Outcome: Defendant Client was acquitted.

R-v-O (2023)

Operation Dybek- Encro and International drug-trafficking conspiracy (7months Trial)

Adam acted as the Solicitor and Junior Counsel in a complex and long running international drug trafficking case which involved quantities of class-A drugs in the hundreds of kilos.

The Trial included multiple arguments on admissibility of Encro evidence and late arising telephone evidence.

R-v-T (2023)

Handling Amazon Stolen Goods to the alleged Value of over £500,000

Client given a suspended sentence of 15 months.

Outcome: on the 3rd of Trial Prosecution withdraw their case and Client only pleaded guilty to handling stolen good to the value of under £25,000.

R-v-M (2023)

Terrorism Case-a complex case with almost 90,000 pages of evidence

Outcome: ongoing

Reported Cases

R-v-AD [2013] EWCA Crim 2184

Appeal allowed – The Sentencing Judge had erred in concluding that this matter fell within a higher range of category 2 offending. There was significant mitigation on behalf of the appellant. Sentence reduced to one of 9 months imprisonment from 15 months.

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