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Our Testimonials

Backed by a reputable legal team, our firm continually goes the extra mile to deliver the best possible outcome, reflected in our exceptional track record.

"Adam handled my complicated business crime case with a great deal of care. He delivers an outstanding professional legal service. I would highly recommend Adam and Adam Libah Solicitors to anyone or a business that requires legal advice and representation."

"We, the entire family, wholeheartedly thank you for the professional support and guidance you have given us through this entire process. Your expertise and understanding were crucial in bringing me back to my family. We are forever grateful for your invaluable counsel in such a stressful time. Adam Libah is client-care-focused and ensures that advice and support are always available. I will be glad to use your services again."

"I can not speak highly enough of Mr Libah. I reached out to him after having a very unpleasant experience with a Firm of Solicitors who were representing me. Mr Libah was prompt and professional and had my case transferred to his firm. He was thorough, persistent, fair and transparent. After a long trial for a multi-million-pound fraud case, though I was convicted, I did not serve any time in prison as a result of his hard work. "

"I can highly recommend Adam Libah and his firm, who provided me with invaluable advice in relation to my business, which is based in Dubai and Istanbul, in relation to our potential liabilities in the UK."

"I was represented by Adam Libah when I was tried for driving whilst under the influence of drink. They professionally guided me through the whole process, from arrest to trial. As a result of their work, I only received a fine, which meant that I could continue with my employment, which involved driving to different hospitals daily."

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