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Company Law Solicitors

Our corporate law solicitors are experienced in advising different types of private companies.

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How Our Company Lawyers Can Help

We understand the critical relationship between the legal and commercial aspects of a business. The experience and multi-discipline nature of our company lawyers at Adam Libah Solicitors will free you to get on with making your business a success.

Our team of multi-disciplinary solicitors assist businesses on a wide range of matters, including:

  • Structure or incorporate your company or new venture
  • Advise on company and commercial law
  • Advise on employment law matters
  • Advise on business immigration issues and matters
  • Advise on regulatory law and compliance matters
  • Advise on franchise arrangements and business operations
  • Advise on data, privacy and GDPR
  • Draft or review business contracts and legal documents
  • Review your commercial or retail lease
  • Negotiate your business transactions
  • Resolve your business legal disputes, including litigation

Areas Of Corporate Law We Cover:

We offer legal advice a representation in all areas of company law and corporate governance, including:

  • Directors’ duties and conflicts of interest
  • Preparing for and running board and general meetings
  • Drafting articles of association
  • Constitutional document reviews
  • Shareholder consent and voting rights
  • Share capital matters, including allotments
  • Compliance with the Companies Act 2006
  • Removal of directors
  • Companies House filing requirements

Why Choose Our Commercial Property Lawyers?

We continue to remain a highly recommended, trusted corporate law firm for many reasons, such as:

Clear and market-leading hourly and fixed-fee legal fees

Each of the lawyers has individual hourly rates depending on their level of experience. Hourly rates range from £190 to £373 plus VAT.

An experienced and multi-disciplinary team of lawyers

Offices and presence in 100 locations, 53 cities and 30 countries

Meetings and conferences offered at your business premises

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